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Vedic Puja

Astrology should be used as a self-development tool to unleash the inner strength that every human being possesses. It should be used as a road map to guide our life. It also helps us determine our strengths and weakness and nullify the effects of weak planets by performing remedies. We reap what we sow - we sow in our past life and reap in the present life. Astrology's purpose is to guide an individual to know his responsibility and to decide what is best. Astrology can only guide a person and explain the absence or presence of certain tendencies. It is up to the individuals to use this information as a tool to make their own decisions.

The Hindu theology is based on the theory of god and karma or fate. The good and the bad acts by you have a positive or negative effect on your soul. This balance sheet of your Karma is carried forward from life to life. It is based on this that you have good and bad experiences in your life. You may commit a murder and may get away with the police and the law.