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Childless Problem

Looking at the present day scenario I feel that Childlessness must be distinguished from ‘Child-freeness’. The term Childlessness conveys inability of a married couple to give birth to children. But a new trend among young couples is observed, where they do not want children or keep postponing the time for having children. While there may be medical reasons for childlessness, the desire to keep postponing the child is because they give more priority to career or may be physical appearance sometimes. Anyways, here we talk only about the inability reasons causing Childlessness.

At the outset, let us understand why we need a child? We need a child to carry our generation ahead & also because it is a natural process occurring out of a bond between a male & female. Also the issue of childlessness or failed progeny is a permanent nagger as it leads to depression, mental sickness, unhealthy relationships and loss of honor in the society. It is more prudent in case of a female (especially) in India where the blot of "barren" is pasted on her forehead.